I’m not a Barbie made of plastic molding;
I’m not a porcelain doll fragile if I fall.

I’m a warrior battling day in and day out;
I’m a queen ready to be heard and seen.

I’m not a puppet for you to manipulate;
I’m not a toy for you to play and cast away.

I’m a woman strong and vivacious;
I’m a lioness fierce and ferocious.

I’m not who you want me to be;
I’m not perfect.

I’m just me;
I’m perfectly happy.



Siren Song

Alluring, beautiful cadence–
desire’s etchings flourish
greeted heartily in jubilation.

Keeping longings masked–
never overtly professing
queued resonating sonatas.

Tombing unyielding voyagers–
warbled xylophonic youthful zeal
arrested before creeping dawn.


I gave you my heart,
And you tore it apart,
Just threw it away–
Didn’t keep it a day.

Made me feel like I’m never enough,
And just told me to get over it and stay tough;
But I’m not as strong as you think,
And my armor can’t survive another chink.

You bring me down to my knees,
And you just go on living however you please;
You don’t care how many tears I cry,
Don’t even bother staying until they dry.

All I wanted was a little respect,
And you crushed my hopes and dreams like an insect;
All I wanted was for you to be there,
And it took me too long to realized you’d never care.

I gave you my heart,
And you tore it apart,
Just threw it away–
Didn’t keep it a day.


You’re there,
but you’re not.
Your presence lingers
always in my thoughts.

You were there
every day by my side,
until one day,
I was tried.

Ghastly and haunting,
I wonder if I will see,
the person who left
and ghosted me.


Inspired by Guy Code vs Girl Code. There was a segment about ghosting, which is when someone who you thought you were having a good time/relationship with just disappears on you. 

Going Nowhere

Travel thousands of miles,
cross over land and seas
on foot and by ship,
to end back at start.

Walk left, then turn right,
following signs–no detours,
and only make it a few feet forward
before looking back.

Magnetic, swiftly pulling back
first a gentle jog, then a sprinting run,
to return to where it had all