A hand reached out for grasping,
An ear readied for listening,
An arm stretched out for hugging,
A heart softened for comforting,
A friend prepared for anything.

Sturdy and strong, like a large rock in the tide
Never moving, an anchor to
Those who could be blown away by a soft summer breeze.

A hand stretched out for grasping,
A mouth readied for speaking,
An arm reached out for hugging,
A heart broken for healing,
A friend needed for everything.

Flimsy and weak, like a paper kite in a tornado
Thrashing about, tearing apart
Those who are downtrodden and broken.

A blinding light shines through;
A ray of hope extending to
The hopeless and miserable–
A lifeline guaranteeing a dream come true.


A Life Worth Living

Every laugh, breath, and tear is testament of a life,
A life filled with anxiety, love, and fear.
Fear of the unknown, of the future,
The future that holds the key to love,
To love for a lifetime.

A lifetime of doing something,
Something you hate or something you enjoy,
Enjoy what you have–
What you have is a life worth living.

Living each day to its fullest potential,
Potential to change your life with each decision,
Each decision to mark your existence,
Your existence is a precious life.

Life that is filled with laughter, tears, breaths, love, stress, anxiety, and fear,
Fear that grips your heart,
Your heart that loves even then;
Then, the laughter and tears flow free,
Free from confines, and leaves a trail.

A trail marking a life well lived,
Lived to its fullest extent, making it memorable,
Memorable enough to be a life worth living.