I sit quietly in the depths

of the corners of my mind.

I hesitate to move,

afraid of what I’ll find.

It’s too dark to see

and there’s too much to feel.

I can’t tell what’s right or wrong,

or what’s fake and what’s real.


I am nothing, if not a poet

Embrace me in your Armageddon,
Chase me to all the corners of the earth.
Bring fire and fury to my eyes,
And then quench them with sapphire surf.
Everything’s shaking, the ground quaking,
I’m trembling from head to toe.
Cover me with your apocalypse,
Bringing me to a bliss only you know.
Shroud me in the darkest night,
Surrounded in the black hole of a starless night.


I remember the colorful butterflies,
their fluttering wings in the beautiful summer sky.
Their spring transformations glorious–
the circle of life: caterpillar, cocoon, butterfly.

Eventually it was not as miraculous anymore,
not when so many failed to complete their life cycle.
Ending before fully completing the metamorphosis,
before coming out of their cocoon–never exiting the darkness.