How did you see past the walls I erected?
How did you find that part of me and resurrect it?

Was I not careful enough,
or was hiding from you just tough?

How did years of work go to waste,
in just a matter of days?

Were there cracks wherein you saw
the damage and helped me thaw?

How did you get through?
How are you one of the lucky few?

Did I unconsciously let you in?
Do I trust you with the knowledge of my sin?

It was futile keeping you out,
Now you have the ability to poke about.

I hope and pray,
that unlike others, you will stay.



Your Touch

Soft gentle strokes
set my body aflame.

Feather-light caresses
ignite my heart.

Sweet soft kisses
burns in my depth.

Capturing gaze
erupts my core.

Your touch
light, soft, sweet,
leaves deep impressions
on my body, mind, and soul.