How did you see past the walls I erected?
How did you find that part of me and resurrect it?

Was I not careful enough,
or was hiding from you just tough?

How did years of work go to waste,
in just a matter of days?

Were there cracks wherein you saw
the damage and helped me thaw?

How did you get through?
How are you one of the lucky few?

Did I unconsciously let you in?
Do I trust you with the knowledge of my sin?

It was futile keeping you out,
Now you have the ability to poke about.

I hope and pray,
that unlike others, you will stay.




I sit quietly in the depths

of the corners of my mind.

I hesitate to move,

afraid of what I’ll find.

It’s too dark to see

and there’s too much to feel.

I can’t tell what’s right or wrong,

or what’s fake and what’s real.