How did you see past the walls I erected?
How did you find that part of me and resurrect it?

Was I not careful enough,
or was hiding from you just tough?

How did years of work go to waste,
in just a matter of days?

Were there cracks wherein you saw
the damage and helped me thaw?

How did you get through?
How are you one of the lucky few?

Did I unconsciously let you in?
Do I trust you with the knowledge of my sin?

It was futile keeping you out,
Now you have the ability to poke about.

I hope and pray,
that unlike others, you will stay.




A hand reached out for grasping,
An ear readied for listening,
An arm stretched out for hugging,
A heart softened for comforting,
A friend prepared for anything.

Sturdy and strong, like a large rock in the tide
Never moving, an anchor to
Those who could be blown away by a soft summer breeze.

A hand stretched out for grasping,
A mouth readied for speaking,
An arm reached out for hugging,
A heart broken for healing,
A friend needed for everything.

Flimsy and weak, like a paper kite in a tornado
Thrashing about, tearing apart
Those who are downtrodden and broken.

A blinding light shines through;
A ray of hope extending to
The hopeless and miserable–
A lifeline guaranteeing a dream come true.


When the walls crumble, and the worlds collide,
soon subject to the shadows, slowing down from a stride.
Trying to run from the insanity and stress
mental instability, outrageous distress.
Cower in fear of the unknown and hide,
or take a chance and the problem, address?

Floor shaking, earth quaking,
insecurity resurfacing, resolve flaking,
Lightning strikes, thunder roars,
But all the issues attack with a force.
How to stop from breaking,
prevent from shattering in the course?

Fall, tumble, crawl,
Life nothing unless a constant brawl.
Cries unheard in the silent dawn,
Dejected and defeated—fallen like an innocent fawn.
Is it possible to stand and last for the long haul,
or will the pieces be shattered across the lawn?

So terribly broken,
but all the words unspoken.
The strong bonds weakly break,
Praying for peace, every second, when awake.
Is there truly an escape token,
or is it simply a losing battle of give and take?